Training Programs that fits your needs
Innovative Methods of Learning

How can your business get the right training to better match your training needs, improve efficiency and continuously improve?

Learning Through Implementation
Innovative Training through Implementation

Training that takes Learning and Development beyond the walls of the training room and apply & perform in real-world.

Learning Through Activities
A blended Learning Approach

Blended learning is an integrated set of learning and development tools that support sustainable skill building.

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Growth - Excellence

We are committed to excellence and leads the corporate world by providing professional development training courses to global leaders and transforming them with rich blend of knowledge from industry and academia. With an array of effective corporate training programs offered in Gulf, Middle East Northe Africa Regions with over 100+ courses in 15+ Knowledge Areas.

Learning that works

Research shows that training courses conducted in isolation don’t yield long term results / return on investment and up to 90% of your training investment could be lost within a week of happening of training. But it doesn’t need to be this way. Orbit5 Training has blended learning experiences of learning and implementation and post training assessment.

Developing your People

With a team of exceptional training consultants we listen, we observe and we consult to enable us to recommend the ideal solution to meet your business training requirements.

We believe your business is unique that becomes our reason to design and deliver learning solutions that address identified gaps in skills, knowledge and behaviour to maximise the performance of your organisation.

Why Training is Important?

Morale of Employees

Training helps the employee to get job security and job satisfaction. The more satisfied the employee is, greater are his morale and the more he will contribute to organizational success.

Employee Engagement

Engaged employees are better motivated and thus give higher quality output. Training and development provides skill and will enhancement through training interventions which increase employee engagement and satisfaction.

Training as Hiring Tool

Employees are increasingly looking for organizations that facilitate employee development programs. Such organizations bear higher chances of quality recruitment and achieving the right fit by attracting a better talent pool.

Higher Employee Retention

Training enables employees to have longer commitments to work via adequate & timely skill up-gradation. Reduce the instances of attrition, training & development has become an important tool.

Cost Reduction

The cost of new hire and on-boarding is frequently covered in the first few years of the employee job cycle. Training and development reduces cost of new hire by utilizing existing employees to the full measure and reducing attrition.

Functional Flexibility

Organizations, especially new ventures benefit greatly from skill based flexibility. Training facilitates cross functional efficiency thus leading to greater productivity. Training therefore is highly useful for job rotation within the organization.

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