Data Modeling & Dashboard Reporting in Excel & PowerBI in Dubai

Course overview

This training on Data Modeling & Dashboard Reporting in Excel & PowerBI in Dubai will provide opportunities to professionals to learn and equip theirselves with Excel and PowerBI to design and prepare effective Dashboards.

As a finance professional, you cannot imagine a life without Microsoft Excel, no matter how sophisticated ERP and database you have in your organization. Did you know that Excel has advanced data analysis features with a database that lives right inside Excel workbook? With this, you can analyze data containing millions of rows right on your desktop and within a blink of eye. Learn how to:

  • Import millions of rows of data from multiple data sources
  • Enjoy fast calculations and analysis
  • Create interactive reporting dashboards in Excel
  • Design interactive visual dashboards in Power BI
  • Publish and share your dashboards on web and mobile applications

No technical IT skills needed!

This course is designed for accountants & auditors, finance professionals and business & financial analysts. Suggested audience titles include accounts manager, finance manager, finance director, CEO, CFO, audit manager, MIS manager etc.


  • Microsoft Excel basic working knowledge
  • Business acumen
  • Basic knowledge of windows and web browsing


  • Import and combine data from multiple sources and tables
  • Use Microsoft Power Pivot add-in to create your first data
  • Create interactive dashboard with Power Pivot
  • Understand basic working of Power BI
  • Create visualization based dashboard in Power BI
  • Publish your dashboard to web & mobile

Course Duration

2 days /16 hours

Course outline

Day 1: Data Modeling & Dashboard Reporting in Excel & PowerBI

Duration (mins)Sort OrderDescriptionLab
Data modeling
101Data modeling & analytics revolution – what’s new in Excel 
102Excel tables vs range 
103Creating & managing Excel tablesY
104Excel formulas with tables 
105Database basic concepts 
106Importing tables into data modelY
157Understanding primary and foreign keys 
208Understanding & creating relations between tablesY
109Dimension vs fact tables 
1510Creating pivot table based on data modelY
Microsoft Excel Power Pivot Add-in
1512Introducing Power Pivot add-in 
1013Managing data model with Power PivotY
1514Understanding data connections & refresh 
2015Creating customized data dashboard with CUBE formulasY
DAX – Data Analysis eXpression
517Implicit calculated fields 
1018Introducing DAXY
1519Calculated columnsY
1520Calculated fieldsY
2022Evaluation contexts 

Creating basic DAX formulas & CALCULATE

Real world examples – using averages, percentages, calculating profit by store or product etc.

1024Setting up Calendar tableY

DAX Time Intelligence Functions

Real world examples – using time intelligence functions for growth analysis, year to date and for the month calculations etc.

6027Practice and Q&A with live examples 
 28— DAY 1 END— 


Day 2: Data Modeling & Dashboard Reporting in Excel & PowerBI

Duration (mins)Sort OrderDescriptionLab
Microsoft Power BI Desktop
1029Understanding KPIsY
1530Using traffic lights and conditional formatting for KPIY
1031Introducing PowerBI 
1532Importing your Excel data model in PowerBIY
1033Creating tables in PowerBI 
3034Basic visualization in Power BI 
3035Managing interactions between visualizationsY
1537Using DAX in PowerBIY
3038Evaluation context & slicers in Power BIY
1539Decorating your visualizations for more impact 
Microsoft Power BI Web & Mobile
3041PowerBI website overviewY
3042Publishing PowerBI Dashboard to web 
3043Using natural language search to create dynamic graphsY
3044Sharing your dashboard for collaboration & reportingY
1046Using PowerBI on mobileY
5047Practice and Q&A with live examplesY



Per participant USD1,500  (Fees + Taxes as applicable.)

(Including coffee breaks, a buffet lunch daily, course material and Certificate)

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